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We are here to help! Call us now at 602.390.0673, or if you prefer, complete the box below and a document preparer will get back to you within 24 hours. In most cases, we will contact you the same day you made inquiry. We have weekend and evening hours available.

Why do you need a personal consultation?

The professionals at Absolute Best Document Preparers are about to help you with personal and important matters. We need to know about you. Written communication is good and there will be some of that, but effective communication includes voices, body language, a hand shake and eye contact. We will be in partnership with you, so let’s start with a phone call now and grow from there.

How does ABDP collect its fees?

Because we provide full-service bankruptcy and divorce services, the fees for which are mandated by the Arizona Supreme Court to protect consumers and to be the lowest possible fees – most times less than a third of what an attorney would charge, we collect our fees when you hire us, usually directly after the initial consultation. We will provide you with a payment receipt and agreement to perform your work. We are closely scrutinized by the Arizona Supreme Court, which has an avenue for parties to file formal complaints against legal document preparers. Therefore, we must adhere to the utmost professionalism and honest business practices.

Free Consultation

(602) 390-0673

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