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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Did you know???

The Bankruptcy Rules have changed, and at Arizona Best Document Preparers we take the bankruptcy process very seriously. If you are considering bankruptcy and cannot afford an attorney, we can work with you to prepare the documents, familiarize you with the process (take the fear out of it) and help you work with your Trustee to stay in compliance. The Bankruptcy Court sets a cap on our fees (presently $200 for document preparation for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy). There are additional fees such as Court filing fees, and the fees charged by agencies to help you complete the credit counseling and financial management courses (required for discharge). In most cases, Chapter 7 debtors are able to complete the process for around $600 total.

We have all the forms and information you need to get started, but an in-person consultation is REQUIRED. You will find Cindy very friendly, comforting and non-judgmental. If you require legal advice, we are happy to refer you to an attorney, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do the paperwork for you. Call or email us today and get your fresh start.

Bankruptcy Questionnaire

Click here to open and print a questionnaire that will help you (and us) to prepare your bankruptcy paperwork. Don’t be alarmed; it may seem overwhelming, but just jot all the answers you have, or can find, and be as accurate as possible. Your credit report will fill in the gaps. During our free consultation, we will discuss the items in this questionnaire with you.

How ordering your credit report can help you in bankruptcy

We require that each of our clients filing for bankruptcy protection obtain a credit report for the reasons listed below. If you are married, we recommend obtaining a credit report on each spouse.

  1. Obtaining the credit report helps us get accurate creditor names, addresses, types of debt, balances due, and account numbers.
  2. Through your credit report, we may find creditors whom you have overlooked. All creditors with balances due must be listed in your bankruptcy paperwork.
  3. Credit reports can alert us to judgments against you.
  4. Credit reports can alert us to liens against your property.
  5. We may find out about co-signers to some of your debts.
  6. If you are married, there may be surprising items on your credit report or your spouse’s report, and the reports can help you determine whether you should be filing individually or jointly.
  7. We may find out about debts created by a former spouse, who may have forged your signature to obtain credit.
  8. Credit reports can alert us to mistakes on your credit report. You can then contact the credit bureaus to correct the mistakes.
  9. Credit reports often contain the names and addresses of collection agencies, so they can be notified of the bankruptcy too.
  10. Knowing what is on your credit report can help you get credit approval in the future.

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